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"Pakistan Outreach" is committed to reaching the unreached with the Gospel and Compassion of Jesus Christ.  

Pakistan Outreach is a faith-based, Christ-centered organization. Since 1998, we have brought a message of love, peace, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ to Pakistan.


Why Pakistan?

Pakistan is the 2nd largest Islamic nation in the world with more than 220 million souls. Between Afghanistan, Iran, China, Kashmir and India, Pakistan is a strategic nation.

97.2% of the population is Muslim. Christians make up less than 2% percent of the population and suffer more than any other religious group. 

A shortage of Bibles, Faith-based literature, churches and pastors make it difficult for Christians and new believers to grow in their faith and sustain the relationship with Christ. In the persecuted environment, Pakistan has a desperate need for assistance in evangelism, church planting, leadership development and strengthening the local church.

Millions are still waiting for their first Gospel witness and more than a half of Pakistan's population has never heard about Jesus.

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